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  1. steelersgal86
    I wish I would of seen this earlier...sorry...I am good I hope you are good as well
  2. Scorp
    Scorp steelersgal86
    You know anyone who can record the pens/coyotes game saturday? I'll pay for time and shipping. Hope you're doing well Gal.
  3. Scottie McDonald
    Scottie McDonald
    Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good - GO STEELERS
  4. Scorp
    Scorp PsychoWard
    Scorp is back! Missed you guys.
  5. Scorp
    I found you guys. How are things going old friend?
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  6. Scorp
    Scorp steelersgal86
    Not scope....Scorp.
  7. Scorp
    Scorp steelersgal86
    Scope is back! How are things going? Been tooooo long.
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    2. steelersgal86
      yay!!!! welcome back!!! mention the arcade in a thread i want to do that
      Feb 17, 2016
  8. Raleigh Steel
    Raleigh Steel HarpoSlim
    You've peaked my interest. What do you use to get NFL games? Thanks
  9. Statman32
    Statman32 K Train
    Hey Train, my draftkings lineup on most my teams this week is Foles, Hyde, Woodhead, AB, Julio,T Williams, Gronk, rEfiert, Rams....thoughts?
  10. Rollers
    Rollers K Train
    delete my account. I'd do it myself but I can't figure it out.
  11. Jollyrob68
    Looking Forward to The Draft
  12. WC Jerome
    WC Jerome steelersfan
    TSU is turning 10 this month, SF!! Come join the celebration!!!! :)
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  13. WC Jerome
    WC Jerome windycityshaker
    Hey, fellow Chicagoian! Come take a trip to Windy City Sports!!! (hint: Google)
  14. Josef
    Josef K Train
    K please delete me and all of my posts from this Forum......Nice site but just not for me....Good seem like a nice knowledgeable man.......
  15. Josef
    Josef steelersfan
    I cant find any place to delete myself from this Forum would you be so kind as to delete me and all of my posts....thank you in advance......Good Luck this is a nice site just not for me......
  16. SteelChamp204
    SteelChamp204 K Train
    Hey, Facebook page for this forum??? Would be a good idea. I work to much to be in charge of it. Just thought I'd float the idea out there.
    1. K Train
      K Train
      Working on it, also implementing something that will post links to new threads automatically to FB and twitter (to try and keep the activity here and not on social media)
      Nov 30, 2014
  17. joseph gaines
    joseph gaines
    bored tired an sleepy
  18. justin.comp.3
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    NOVA STEELERS steelersfan
    I am getting this message now when I attempt anything and chat box isn't showing

    The following error occurred:

    Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again.
  20. NINJAx21x
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